Banner technical standarts lv ru en

All advertising materials and stuff should be provided at least one working day before campaign starts. If creative submitting deadline is not observed, DELFI does not guarantee promotional material displaying on the portal. A compensation in a deadline non-observance case will not be granted.

Size (px) Image weight HTML5 weight Display scripts Example
995x200 80kB 250kB yes example
995x200 (995x400)* expand 120kB 300kB yes example
995x300 100kB 300kB yes example
995x300 (995x600)* expand 150kB 350kB yes example
995x400 150kB 350kB yes example
995x400 (995x800)* expand 180kB 350kB yes example
Kvadrāts (Square)
250x250 50kB 150kB yes example
300x300 70kB 200kB yes example
Ekrāns (Screen)
450x300 80kB 200kB yes example
450x300 (995x300)* expand 120kB 300kB yes example
Ekskluzīvais/Sadaļu (Section)
450x150 50kB 150kB yes example
250x250 50kB 150kB yes example
Ziņu (News)
520x250 70kB 200kB yes example
520x400 90kB 230kB yes example
659x400 100kB 230kB yes example
728x400 120kB 250kB yes example
Tornis (Tower)
250x400 70kB 200kB yes example
250x400 (995x400)* expand 120kB 300kB yes example
250x500 80kB 230kB yes example
250x600 90kB 250kB yes example
250x600 (995x600)* expand 180kB 350kB yes example
Karogs (Flag)
728x300 80kB 250kB yes example
728x500 120kB 300kB yes example
Infobloks (Infoblock)
250x250 50kB - yes -
250x400 70kB - yes -
250x100 30kB - yes -
500x200 40kB 150kB yes example
m.Kvadrāts (Mobile Square)
500x500 60kB 200kB yes example
500x500 (infobloks) 60kB - yes example
m.Kubs (Mobile Cube)
6 pa 300x300 6 pa 35kB - no example
m.Monstrs (Mobile Fullscreen)
500x700 70kB 200kB yes example
2 pa 450x450 2 pa 40kB - no example
450x450 50kB 150kB yes example
500x800 70kB 200kB yes example
500x100 40kB 100kB yes example
500x100 40kB 100kB yes example
2-5 pa 500x500 2-5 pa 60kB 2-5 pa 200kB no example
2-5 pa 500x100 2-5 pa 40kB 2-5 pa 100kB no example
2-5 pa 500x800 2-5 pa 70kB 2-5 pa 200kB no example
Video reklāma (pre-roll, post-roll)**
640x360 5MB(15s),
no example
Monstrs (Fullscreen)
1000x550 120kB 300kB yes example
Slīdošā rinda (Scroller)***
1000x70 40kB - yes example
Sadalošais (Pagebreak)
995x500 120kB - yes example
Fons (Background)
From 1265x600 Specification: EN 180kB - no example
Tiltiņš (Drawbridge)
2 pa 120x800 2 pa 50kB - yes example
728x300 80kB 250kB yes example
Peldošais (Floating)***
450x450 70kB 200kB yes example
Paralēlais (Side-by-Side)
2x baneri jebkurā standarta pozīcijā yes example
Galerijas (Lightbox)
1440x810 Specification: EN 150kB - no example
250x250 50kB 150kB yes example
Size Format Impression code Specification
Advertising article
One A4 size page MS Word yes LV

HTML5 creative specifications:

1. All files should be compressed to a single *.zip archive.

2. Only Adobe EDGE and Google Fonts 3rd party codes are acceptable.

3. Maximum ad weight belongs to unzipped banner contents not to compressed *.zip archive.

4. Maximum number of files in the archive is 10.

5. Maximum one image weight is 50kB.

Click encounting:

DELFI collects statistical data including click encounting. For this purpose we use special library, which collects and sends click data to our serving machine. Script given below should be loaded at a banner initialisation:

<script src=""></script>

After dparams labrary was added it can be used with one of the several ways:

  • One link creative - add code given below for all object clickable areas:'clicktag'), '_blank');

  • One link creative - add code given below for all object clickable areas:'clicktag', ''), '_blank');

  • If hyperlink HTML element need to be embedded:

    <a href="#" onclick="'clicktag'), '_blank');return false;">

* Expand banners:

HTML5 expand un auto-expand creatives consists of the one HTML5 file. Horizontally expanded creative maximum width should be 995px. For example tower banner expanded size will be 995x400px.

Vertically expandable banner height should be doubled initial height. For example giga banner 995x200px should be 995x400px in expanded state. On mouse-over event on the banner, below code should be executed (in case of auto-expand the same code should be placed direct after banner initialisation)


When mouse cursor leaves banner the following code should be executed:




This type of banner needs extra code for its collapsing after 15 seconds:

}, 15000);

Also banner needs closing button which will collapse banner on click. Add following code to click action of button element:

parent.postMessage('collapseBanner:'+document.location.hash,'*'); = 0;

Auto-expand example Auto-expand

** Video specifications:

Only MP4 video files are accepted. All sent files should meet the following requirements:

  • Video encoding: MPEG-4 AVC (H.264)

  • Audio encoding: AAC, Sample Rate:44100, Bit Rate: 64kbps

Video inside the banner

Video maximum weight is limited to 5MB. Before banner creation video file should be sent to File will be uploaded on DELFI servers and file urls will be sent back to be embedded into banner using the following code:

<video width="..." height="..." muted autoplay loop>
   <source src=".../file.mp4" type="video/mp4">
   <source src=".../file.webm" type="video/webm">

*** Banners with closing button

Banners should contain closing cross (usually top right corner). On cross click event the following code should be executed:


In case of closing button is missing, DELFI would add it itself.

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